Comac FLX-124 Fluxer


The Comac FLX-124 Fluxer has been designed for the application of an aqueous Flux onto a printed circuit board prior to Hot Air Solder Leveling.

The new FLX-124 Fluxer includes a heavy-duty, 90-volt DC drive motor, open in-feed conveyor with chemical resistant Santoprene rollers, top and bottom Flux Applicator Rolls, three squeegee rollers after the flux application, an upper flux fluid bar and a two-stage, air-diaphragm pump that is connected to shop air via a stainless steel electronic solenoid valve. The flux volume is controlled with an in-line gate valve.

The molded body and base are constructed from corrosion resistant fiberglass, with the other components made of corrosion resistant PVC, polypropylene and stainless steel. The flux tank is a one piece molded, 10-gallon capacity tank with removable lid. For very easy filling and cleaning, all sump and pump connections have unions to allow the sump to simply slide out.

The standard conveyor system allows you to process panels from .005 to .200. With the optional Flex material / Thin core conveyor system, you can transport materials ranging from .002" to .100.

Power for the unit is 120 volt, 1 phase, 4.8 amps and requires 74 psi of air.