About COMAC Engineering-

Comac Engineering is the leading supplier of Cleaning and Drying equipment for Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Chemical Milling. 

Comac has serviced PC Fab manufacturing facilities with the world’s most widely owned Table Top Dryer.   In addition to the Comac portable dryer, Comac provides a complete line of production floor model equipment, including the Rinse Dryer and Final Clean Systems for post Hot Air Solder Leveling and Routed parts. 

Comac ia a division of Santa Ana California based Advanced West. Founded in 1988 by Brian Solo, Advanced West is the leading supplier of quality Rebuilt Printed Circuit Manufacturing Equipment and replacement spare parts and maintains an inventory of over 200 machines.  Advanced West is proud to be known for quality of workmanship put into each machine. 

Advanced West is a member of the IPC, PCMI and has been nominated for Orange County Business Journal’s Small Business of the Year.