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Rinse Dryers & Final Clean Systems

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COMAC Portable Dryer

The Comac Portable Dryer is the most widely accepted small dryer in the industry with over 1000 units sold.

COMAC Floor Model Rinser/Dryer

The Comac Rinser/Dryer features an excellent rinse and light scrub using two pairs of top and bottom spray bars with pressure fan type nozzles and two high speed soft nylon brushes for cleaning.

COMAC Final Clean System

The Comac Post Clean System Rinser/Dryer features a recirculated 130 PSI rinse, light scrub using soft nylon brushes and a dryer.

Comac Double Tank Post Clean System

The Comac Double Tank Post Clean System is our finest washer and dryer. The machine will provide excellent cleaning in any application including flux removal after hot air leveling, oil leveling or reflow.

Welcome to COMAC Engineering

Comac Engineering, a division of Advanced West Inc., supplies affordable, compact and highly efficient conveyorized equipment to the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication, Chemical Milling and Nameplate industries. Established in 1983, Comac has sold over 2,400 machines worldwide.

Comac equipment includes: Tabletop Dryers, Turbine Floor Dryers, Heavy-Duty Rinse Dryers, (both with and without brushes), and Final Cleaning Washer Dryers. With the wide array of options, a system can be customized to meet your exact specifications. These options include: Flex conveyor for the transport of .002” material, Small parts conveyor that will transport routed parts down to 2”x 2.5”, Post HASL Cleaning and Final Wash and Drying for flat sub-straights, PCB’s, PhotoVoltaic (PV) Glass and Chem Milled parts.

A division of
Advanced West